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Half A Century Sounds Old But There Is Hope


Inspired To Make A Difference Tee by N. Ann Hall

There is so much happening in the world now that it takes daily intentional mindfulness to just stay in the moment. And one of the things that I recognize is that I’m very blessed and appreciative of life and all of my experiences because they have shaped me into the intelligent, loving and empathic person that I am. So as I look forward to celebrating my 50th birthday later this year, I wanted to find some creative ways to honor my life and share hope, inspiration and love to others. Since I won’t be taking the tropical vacation I had hoped for, I’m making my celebration interactive so others can join in with me as I give back to the Universe in thanksgiving for my being.

My first act of celebration is a tee-shirt I created which is very simple but has a nice message. You can preview and purchase at http://teespring.com/inspired-to-make-a-difference. Proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit serving women and girls’ interests.

I also plan to randomly give away 50 small gifts to people I don’t know between now and August, my birth month. It will probably be small gestures like pay for someone’s cup of coffee or give someone a $5 gift card. We’ll see all of the ways that I come up with and I will write about it in August.

Another upcoming idea is creating a list of 50 things about me, inspired by Author Trainer Shelley Hitz, who I met at the NAMS12 Conference (and if you don’t know about NAMS and have an interest in Internet Marketing, you are really missing out). But my twist will be finding 50 people to share something – hopefully nice – about me that I can share.

That’s it for now but please, feel to pass along birthday suggestions. It may seem like I have time but August will be here before we know it. But in the meantime, stop by teesprings.com and order a shirt (http://teespring.com/inspired-to-make-a-difference).  And if you are looking for more inspiration on how to make your life, business or the world awesome, learn more about the WWAYD promotion from Nicole Dean (who I also met at the NAMS12 Conference).

Enjoy Life…