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4 Value-Added Reasons to Have a Blog

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you looking for a way to promote your brand, business or product?  Don’t overlook the value of blogging.  I’m sure as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are asking “why a blog?” and “who has time to write!”

First, here are a few blogs for you to preview so you can see and understand what I mean:


http://marshawnevans.com/blog (promotes personal branding and coaching tips and tools)
http://www.problogger.net/blog (promotes blogging tools and tips)
http://joelcomm.com/blog (shares online and social media tips and tools)

Not convinced yet, well here are 4 value-added reasons you should consider a blog if your goal is to increase your online presence, sell a service or product, or promote your brand:

  1. Easy to get started and update
  2. Liked by the search engines
  3. Automatically creates feeds
  4. Interactive and conversational

In case you were wondering, the term “blog” is short for web log and can be described as an online diary where entrepreneurs can talk about their company, products, and business goals.  It can also be used to share information about industry-related news.  (NOTE:  I will describe and discuss in a later post the value of “microblogging” and “vblogging” and the difference from a regular blog site.)

Blog Creation and Maintenance

Yes, a blog IS a website but it is much easier to create, navigate, and maintain.  You just type your message in (or cut and paste from your Word document), preview, and publish. There is also a feature to upload images, which really adds value to your blog posts.  It really is that simple.  Now, if you are writer you can just type into the post feature which will save you time. However, my suggestion is to write out the article in Word (so you can cut and paste) OR hire someone to write articles, especially industry related information.  As a matter of fact, they don’t have to be long posts but small junks of information so you are not overwhelming your visitors.

If you are a newbie, starting a blog is easy.  For example, Blogger and Word Press both can be started by creating an account and selecting a few choices. Once you become comfortable with your blog and began experimenting (because you will), you will be able to add custom features, such as hosting your blog on your own domain.

Search engine compatibility

Search engines like blogs because they are generally updated regularly and have fresher content. The search engines also like the RSS feeds from blogs. Properly used, feeds can allow you to generate links from other authoritative sites such as Technorati, Feedburner, and others. These high PR sites create backlinks to your site which will make the search engines rate you higher. People can easily subscribe to your feed and know when you have updated your site through various RSS readers.

Community Building

If you are interested in building a community, one of the best advantages of a blog is it encourages dialogue and conversation. I personally use WordPress hosted by
GoDaddy and this platform allows  readers to comment directly on what ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????you have written, as well as like and share your information.

Now, the good thing about this is that get additional updated content (which the search engines like) and you get direct feedback on your content. Let’s see, which are you more likely to do? Click a comment link and leave your input on a blog or try and find a way to contact the average webmaster. Even if you do it is usually through a form or email that does not increase the content of the site.

So you’re still not sure about a blog, huh?  You are probably thinking you don’t have time to write articles or log on and post them.  Well, that’s were companies like Own Your Idea and Content Divas can help you in creating quality content that engages your readers.  But first, you have to see the value of having a blog to promote your business, brand, or product.  Me personally, I believe in blogging as another tool to help get you where you want to go, blogging definitely gets my vote. But I want to know your thoughts, or if you have a blog site that you want to share, please include in the comment section below.