Free Your New Ideas in 2017

Why free your ideas?  Because it’s time.  It’s no longer necessary to carry your untold stories, ideas, or dreams tucked inside your brain. Free your mind and transform your life.  The Idea-A-Day Journal Series was designed as a personal resource tool to capture your unique and ingenious sparks of inspiration.  Join the #freeyouridea movement today with a purchase of one of our journals and begin documenting your hidden inspiration.


women's mockup_6Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal – Full Color interior $25.99 (ISBN 978-0692540039). This is a beautiful full color journal for women who want to make things happen in their lives. We all know that women have great capacity for creativity, ingenuity, and inspired ideas. Sometimes they come as fleeting thoughts in our daily busyness. The Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal was created specifically to capture those moments. This 132-page FULL COLOR journal is complete with monthly motivational quotes and Reflections pages, and daily journal space to capture ideas. A great gift item for any special occasion. Available for purchase now on Amazon.



Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal – B&W interior $9.99 (ISBN 978-Book_01 (1)0692608043) This B&W version of its full-color sister journal inspires the same momentum for women to capture their ideas on paper. This journal offers the same features but at a GREAT PRICE that is more than 50% less.  So no more excuses for capturing and recalling ideas in 2017.





book cover 3d version 4The Idea-A-Day Journal $8.99 (ISBN 978-1517323462). Some people are just full of it. Well, full of ideas and creative imagination, and that’s always a great thing. But what do you do with the ideas? The 132-page Idea-A-Day Journal is designed to capture those moments of inspiration as they occur. Maybe its an idea for a book, storyline, verse of a song, or a new product. Or maybe you just want a handy record of all of your ideas in one place. This journal allows you the creativity to jot down your ideas in their purest form for future reference. Available for purchase now on Amazon.


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