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Everyone Is Looking For Love

Someone recently sent me a link to a new online advice website for lo2 love goddessve, dating and relationships because they thought I would really like the name.  Well, I DID which made me curious to visit, especially because I’m always looking for interesting things to write about.  I was actually pretty impressed with the website and their logo; very classy. They obviously are just getting up and running because no real advice being dispensed just yet but I would say it’s promising. I mean after all, isn’t everyone looking for love?! The key is going to be if they can build followers and provide good and consistent dialogue on their subject matter.  That should be easy because life is all about relationships and plenty of people are trying to navigate them, especially through social media vehicles and online dating. And if you are a fan of reality television, there are enough shows that highlight the good, bad, and ugly of love, dating and relationships. I plan to keep checking on their progress and post back in about a month to see how it’s going.  But if you’re interested, you can visit them at and on Twitter at @askalovegoddess and let me know what you think, too.

NAMS12 Atlanta Highlights

The NAMS12 conference concludes tomorrow but you can make plans now to join us on March 20-22, 2015 in Atlanta for NAMS13.  For a limited time, you can reserve your seat for only $100, which is a mega deal for the training, tools, and resources that you receive because this conference is worth thousands.  But you must act fast because the promotion ends Sunday, August 3 at 5:00 p.m. at the conclusion of the conference. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this investment because it will be the best one you can make for yourself if you have a vision to start an online business.

Below are some highlights from my experience:

  • The best and brightest in internet marketing shared secrets to creating a successful online business, such as businessman and author Paul Evans who speak on his 5 Stones success model, photographer and expert media show creator Tony Laidig’s take on reinventing life with a mindset shift, and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green’s transformation manifestation.
  • Hands on workshops with tangible results before you leave the conference such as Michelle Schoen’s presentation on creating marketing videos using PowerPoint and and Christine Cobb’s presentation on how to make visitors list subscribers.
  • Meeting Internet millionaire and adwords marketing genius Greg Cesar, who built an online business from scratch.  He is a humble yet extremely fascinating and knowledgeable person about adwords, online marketing, and niche marketing.

Impressed yet? I thought so.  Hope you join us in March 2015!

Business Training and Tools at NAMS12

nams recording banner

NAMS12 Atlanta, GA August 1-3, 2014

In a few hours the NAMS12 Conference (August 1-3) will kick off in Atlanta, GA.  I am very excited about this event and the opportunity to participate. If you are interested in online marketing, you NEED to be a part of this.  And you still can even if you can’t physically make it with access to the complete conference recordings.  Let’s learn and grow our online businesses together. This is OUR transformational season of business success and wealth creation. Invest in your success. Invest in your future. Invest in You. The time is NOW!!!

The Results: DIY Natural products that work

N. Ann Hall

My face feels clean, fresh, soft and beautiful. Naturally me!

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was trying my hand at making natural products with items that I already have in the kitchen.  It’s been a week and I am pleasantly surprised with the results of the products and how my skin feels.  My face is even more soft and clear than normal and feels really clean and fresh.

So what did I do? It was very simple.  So simple I can’t believe that I never thought to do this before. So here goes. Below are the products I made along with the ingredients, some of which I purchased* at a natural foods store here in metro Atlanta.  NOTE:  If you are an online shopper, try Puritan’s Pride for natural products; they often provide free shipping and have great prices, quality products and fast delivery.

Foaming face cleanser: 1/4 cup liquid castile soap*, 1/4 cup chamomile tea, 3/4 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, 8 drops lavender essential oil* and several drops of vitamin E oil*

I made the chamomile tea first and separate it into two parts:  one for the cleanser and the second part was for me to drink :).  After it cooled down, I combined all of the ingredients into a small spray bottle. At first I wondering what the purpose of the chamomile tea was but it does provide the water for the cleanser and the chamomile provides a therapeutic calming effect. The lavender oil provides a nice scent and the vitamin e oil (from what I’ve read) acts as a moisturizer and preservative as well as provides anti-aging benefits.  Once all of the products were combined, I shook it up to mix everything together and I began to use.  I’ve used for seven days straight in the morning and at bed, and I just love it. I have had no problems, no reactions or anything.  Just pretty, supple and soft facial skin. If you decide to try to make this and prone to allergic reactions, I would say test it on your skin first.

photo (8)

Natural facial moisturizer made with coconut oil.

Facial moisturizer:  1/2 cup extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp liquid vitamin E oil*, 5 to 7 drops of lavender essential oil

The extra virgin olive oil I had was already liquefied, but if yours isn’t, try warming it in the microwave for a bit.  Initially I just stirred with a spoon in a glass bowl but also read to whip.  So I tried that and it created a smooth fluffy concoction.  I poured into a small glass container and placed in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and voila.

You only need to rub a little onto your skin and it absorbs it very  nicely.  It’s a nice scent, too. I thought I was going to be walking around with a coconut scent on my face, but not so.  And I truly can feel the difference (and I already have soft skin).

Exfoliant:  2 tbl warmed pure honey, 2 tbl olive oil + 1 tbl rolled oats

Mixed it all together and applied to my skin and let sit for about 3 to 5 minutes.  It felt a little weird adding oatmeal and honey to my face, but I didn’t have any reactions, and my complexion seemed a tad brighter.  I don’t think I will use rolled oats again and instead try sea salt or sugar and add castor oil.

Astringent:  1 cup distilled water, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 10 drops lavender oil.

Mixed the ingredients in a small glass container.  Shook up and used a cotton ball to apply.  I mainly used it on my neck area to treat ingrown hair and dark spots.

Well, there you have it.  This is what I’ve used for a week now and it seems to work for me.  No reactions but I definitely feel better knowing my skin is absorbing natural products that are good for  you without any chemicals.  After all, isn’t that how it should really be?


DIY Natural Beauty for Women

001 (2)

My natural skin complexion (accented with light blush, eye shadow and lip gloss)

I’m a naturalist newbie doing some experimenting with natural products for skincare.  I recently ran out of my name brand facial cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator and rather than spend $60 to re-order, I decided to try something different.  I have always been complimented on my skin complexion and it seems it doesn’t matter what I use, it has served me well for over 40 years because I have been blessed to never have acne or pimples. Since that’s the beauty gift given to me, why not not enhance it naturally rather than break my budget to buy processed name brand products. Seeking a simpler life, I did research (you’ve just got to love the Internet and search engines) and learned that everything I needed to make a natural facial wash, moisturizer and exfoliator was probably already in the kitchen pantry or bathroom cabinet (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamin e oil, essential oils, sugar, honey, oatmeal).  So I am off to make some facial products and I’ll post in about a week my thoughts about the products I’ve made and what worked for me.  Wish me luck!!! In the meantime, since I’m just learning this DIY natural skincare path, I am passing along a few websites that I visited and that piqued my interest related to products:

Goodbelly Challenge Update

goodbelly+Maintaining good health through diet and exercise should be at the top of daily the to-do list.  But sometimes, priorities get misplaced in life and the focus is lost on properly balancing the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. That’s part of my story.  Stress and poor diet contributed to a bad belly which caused me to have bad headaches, intense stomach pain, extreme stomach bloating and gas, and loud, embarrasing stomach noises.  I didn’t feel physically normal and knew that feeling was not normal.  Well, long story short, I began to focus on healing what I was convinced was living in my stomach, which turned out to be bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth.  The digestive tract is the heart of immune system, so if it’s not right, the result can be all types of physical ailments that we rush to the doctor to diagnose.  That’s where Goodbelly Probiotic Juice Drink comes in.  This juice contains live and active bacteria cultures that are good for you and helps to regulate the flora of the digestive system.  The drink comes in a variety of tasty flavors and is 100% vegan with no dairy or soy. I committed to the 12-Day Goodbelly Challenge and used the Goodbelly+ in Mango (packed with calcium and vitamins) and the Pomegranate Blackberry in the family quart size.  The drinks were quite tasty and refreshing.  It actually tasted like regular juice to me but I must say that my tummy began to feel a lot better and the bloating began to subside.  As a matter of fact, I did not have a headache the entire time I took the product.

I feel confident in my health again and plan to continue using the Goodbelly product on a daily basis. To also assist with my stomach health, I am also adding organic greek yogurt to my diet each morning, taking papaya enzymes after each meal, and excessively consuming water (with green tree water enhancement or a cap full of apple cider vinegar) or lemonade flavored coconut water, all which are supposed to be good for the digestive tract. I truly believe that I am on my way.

I hope this information is helpful to someone who may feel a little off in their stomach and tired of going to the doctor.  It’s more cost effective to take care of your health and spend a little more on good food and drink products rather than pay a $1000 doctor bill to the gastrointestinal specialist, which is what happened to me.

Best wishes for good health and a happy stomach.  If you want more information, check out this video on how Goodbelly improves digestive health. .