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Did You Know That Your Story Matters?


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For entrepreneurs and small business owners working to establish their professional network, visibility and influence, it is important to consider how you want to project your image and company brand as an expert or niche specialist.  You have probably heard or read repeatedly about creating your elevator pitch, networking, getting a mentor, doing local speaking gigs and putting yourself out there as an expert.  These are all great suggestions and ones that really should be followed.  However, taking the initiative to accomplish these things does not always come naturally.  So where do you really start?

Start with making sure you are relatable. Why?  Because people make connections with people, not obscure objects and things.  When you think of someone who inspires you, it was probably because you connected with them on some level.  And one way you probably connected was through a story that showed humanness, shared a similar experience, or piqued an emotion of empathy.   Have you ever had an experience where you did not quite care for someone but then you learned of a story in which they overcame some adversity, and then you saw the person in a different light and they actually became tolerable or you began to like them?  For me, I like to hear people’s stories.  I like to know what motivates, inspires and encourages them towards success because those stories serve as motivation for me to stay the course and never give up.

The good thing about considering this type of strategy is that we all have a story or aspects of a personal story that can be appropriately shared in a professional manner without over sharing.  Doing so with sincerity can help to build your influence while promoting and growing your business and personal and professional brands.  To provide some context for my point, consider reading this article by Rebecca Goldsmith of C-Level Stories who provides a six-step do-it-yourself process for preparing to share your story.

Remember, you are your first best brand ambassador.  No one can market you better than you can.  Get comfortable with your story of courage, conviction, hustle or failure.  It will be the the little things in your story that show character and humility and that will draw people closer to you.

What is Holding You Back From Success?

successOftentimes you may see yourself being successful in business, relationships, life but the reality of it is elusive and fleeting, at best.  It does not make sense to you because you see it and feel it but it just won’t kick into gear.  In many instances, this feeling is caused by an emotional block that stands in your way of moving forward and being progressive in your actions. You may be operating from a limiting belief about who you are and your capabilities.

I recently read a quote attributed to Michael Jordan that said “you have to expect things of yourself before you can do them” and if you are familiar with his story, this belief is what caused him to begin excelling in basketball in his junior high school year (along with his innate talent and skill). Everyone has talents, skills and abilities within them that can drive them towards being successful at the things they value the most because it generally comes from the heart center, which is why the feeling of success can be vexing; you know you have it in you. Unfortunately what happens to many people is they stay stuck where they are because they are comfortable, don’t know where to begin or what to do, or do not feel they deserve any better.

If you are in business, you have to get out of your own way sometimes to become the successful entrepreneur that you know you can be. Even though you have a great business concept and have set the operational framework in place to open your doors, there are still no guarantees, especially if you are emotionally stuck. Being stuck may cause you to not be teachable or coachable.  It may cause you not to seek out the help you need for small and big problems, like reaching your ideal clients and selling your product or service for their true value. An acquaintance of mine likes to use the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” and that is true, especially when followed by the phrase, “when you know better, you do better.”

If you are feeling stuck and have begun to doubt yourself, ask yourself, what is holding me back?  If you are really honest with yourself, you may find it’s that thing deep down inside that says you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, or you recall a parent telling you at age 12 you were not good enough and you are still hanging on for their approval. It’s all negative energy that holds you back and keeps you stagnant.  And the sad part is it occurs subconsciously so unless you keep digging, you just suppress the nagging, vexing emotion that aludes you from being the successful person that you know you are destined to become.


EFT Tapping points

At a business conference I recently attended, I learned about an emotional freedom technique (EFT) called tapping that was introduced as a tool to help conference guests to overcome limiting beliefs and fears so that they could focus their energy more on achieving business success.  It’s a different concept that is simple and easy that appears to be effective in channeling negative energy. by using your fingers and certain spots on your upper body.  I thought it was odd and strange but it actually seemed to work when I tried it out.  I found a video on YouTube that explains the basic concept and purpose of Tapping.  It appears to be consistent in what was taught at the conference as well as other research I have done on EFT (tapping).

My point in all of this is to share that It’s now time to move forward and unlock and realize your true potential as an entrepreneur and business owner.  The tool is in your hands (and fingers) so no more excuses.

Best wishes and Good Luck in your continued transformation towards success in all aspects of your life, especially in your business endeavors.

Limiting beliefs about your money and your business

money-bag-filled-with-moneyA little over eight days ago, I attended the last day’s event at Transform 2014 with Pamela Bruner and I want to share my takeaway about removing limiting beliefs about money.  If you are in business as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, and feel you are not producing the income you desire, you MUST reconsider your beliefs about money. Sometimes we discount our services and products because we think potential clients won’t pay.  What that really means is that we don’t think we are worth it.  But if the product or service that you are offering can help them take their business to another level, change their quality of life, provide a unique experience, then your prices and fees are not about you making money but about them getting the transformation they need.  You have to see the value in what you provide and target the customers that understand your value and will pay your price.  Now keep in mind, you have to be realistic and consider the market price but I’m really referring to prices that undercut the market, which are hurting you overall.  Remember, quality over quantity.

In other instances, we don’t invest in ourselves because we see it as an unnecessary debt. But here’s the thing, if you don’t invest in yourself, there’s no guarantee of any return.  An investment is a risk but investing in yourself always pays off because it will never depreciate.  No one can take knowledge and sound information away from you.  It is there to make you a better person, to produce a better product and provide a valued service.  When you make that type of investment, then you can produce the income you desire for the other types of long-term (house) and consumable debt (credit cards).  Better yet, if you make enough money, you won’t have any debt at all!  Now that sounds fabulous!

So what are your limiting beliefs about money?  If you are a blogger, do you believe you can’t monetize your blog?  Don’t know which direction to start?  One investment that I chose to make in myself and my freelance business pursuits was joining a blog community at Already I’ve learned some technical tricks and blog support information that I wasn’t aware of that I will be implementing soon.  I’ve also taken on a 31 day blogging challenge which is a powerful vehicle to help you hit the mark without unnecessarily stumbling.  Click on the icon to the right to learn more about the challenge, and begin to harness your true power as a successful blogger.

Remember, personal and professional transformation occurs with awareness and that starts from within.  Make sure you are not holding you back with limiting thoughts and beliefs about money and investing in yourself.


Road to Wealth in Trucking Business

Know someone with a CDL license and looking to expand their opportunity options? The independent trucking business may be an option. One source for starting a trucking business is the Small Business Administration. Also check out some current freight trends and analysis about the freight industry. Trucking is a billion dollar industry, according to and employs an estimated 8.9 mitruck1llion people in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Being an independent operator or starting a trucking company can be a lucrative business but has its challenges. To learn a personal first-hand account on building,
re-building and growing a trucking business, check out the blog for Truckers Road to Wealth.  It is a story of a motivated entrepreneur who is sharing his story about building success in the trucking industry. It is always encouraging when growing a business idea to have encouragement and support from those who’ve overcome or have pearls of wisdom to share to make the transition for others a lot easier.  Happy reading and best wishes in your entrepreneurial pursuits…