Study claims child birth pain not that bad. Really?!?

Hey Good People.  It’s been a few weeks since I last posted but it wasn’t because I didn’t think about it. A few interesting things caught my attention but got busy with life, and well, you know how that goes.

I did read an interesting article the other day about a study that says that child birth is not as painful as women claim.  Being a mother myself who remembers that pain over 23 years ago, the headline caught my attention. Well, isn’t that the purpose of headlines, lol, lol.  After reading the article, I learned that the purpose of the study was to see if epidurals were helpful.  The study asked 320 moms two days after birth and then two months after birth about their pain threshold.  Now birth pain is not something that any women will ever forget.  If nothing else, she remembers that it was intense.  But once you get through that part and you have your baby home with you, the focus shifts from the pain you experienced to the joy you feel as a mother or at a minimum, the overwhelming feeling of being responsible for a little person (if you are a first time mom).  Also, pain is relative for different women because some women can experience a certain level of pain intensity more so than another woman.  It’s just unfair, to me, to attempt to do a study about pain intensity and use it to benchmark the effectiveness of an epidural.  I’m just saying.

Now I don’t know if it was a slow news day or if the outlet ran the news story to get women all riled up.  But one thing is for sure that I’m pretty certain is that a woman did not conduct or sanction that study.  So my parting thoughts are, why do men have an opinion about what women experience with their bodies, especially as it relates to our reproductive health?  Is this an attempt by the insurance company to justify to cover or not to cover epidural as a procedure?  Will there ever come a time in life when women run the world and we make the rules?

What do you think?

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