Does The Company Blog Fit Into The Business Model?

Image: iStockphoto

Image: iStockphoto

If you are a busy executive or even a solopreneur, someone else is probably managing the blogging process for you (hopefully as part of a larger social media strategy).  In a corporate environment, that may be the communications department.  For a small business, it may be a marketing intern. Regardless of who is doing the blogging, what is most essential is to ensure well written, timely and relevant content and ensure that it factors into the company’s image and brand.  The worst thing that could happen is for a story to be posted that is offensive, rude, off topic, or not remotely reflective of the organization’s culture.  So here are a few administrative things to consider:

  • What is Your Approval Process? Will blog posts be made blindly or is there an approval process to review content before posting? Is there a communications plan or strategy in place that aligns to the larger corporate goals.  If so, blog posts should relate to the bigger picture and create value that furthers the business goals.
  • Will the Boss Be Pleased? It’s easy and oftentimes natural for a writer to be clever in their writing, but does the tone of the blog posts reflect the culture of the organization? Would the boss be pleased or embarrassed?  Maybe in a small organization, it is easy to run blog posts by the boss, but in a larger organization, be mindful that what is written about the company is a reflection of the person most visible in the company.
  • Is There Regular and Consistent Content? Whenever you read an article about blogging (or social media period), you will constantly hear about good content.  That’s because you have to give people good information if you want them to visit often.  One way to do that is to publish regularly and consistently.  If your goal is once a week on Friday, make sure you stick to the schedule because your followers become accustomed to reading, especially if the content is good. For instance, I remember looking forward to a newsletter / blog posts from a humorous entertainment update each Friday before I left work.  I had accustomed to reading the stories and winding my day down for the weekend and would purposefully seek it out in my email.  When I couldn’t find it, well, I was a lot disappointed.  You never know when your content is appealing to someone and they are looking forward to the updates.  It’s easier for them when they know when to expect your information.

In conclusion, creating a blog can be a useful tool for sharing company news, marketing a product, or engaging a target audience. But one key factor for blogging is determining whether this type of resource fits into the company’s business model. It is easy to decide to start a blog and even easier to create a professionally designed site that is appealing and informative. The challenge becomes monitoring the activity, frequency and content of the blog to ensure the best value to the company’s bottom line results.


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